La Saga Astrale


La Saga Astrale

A blackened melodic death metal echo through space

La Saga Astrale cover artwork


Médian is a blackened melodic death metal project led by Alexis Vincent. The first album entitled La Saga Astrale was released in summer 2020. Each song is a personification of a celestial body staged along a poem in French. Some pieces are short and incisive while others are long and soothing to take us from one emotion to another. With multiple influences like Wintersun or Shylmagoghnar but also science fiction and fantasy, Médian tends to follow its own path through space.

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Alexis Vincent

Hey, I'm the one writing and proudly coding this website you're reading. I launched the Médian project in various forms several years ago to satisfy my different passions such as the guitar, singing, writing, composition but also the lute, web development, video and even sewing and painting for the creation of sets and stage outfits. This ended with La Saga Astrale thanks to the help of fantastic people that I invite you to discover.

Lucas Linat

Lucas participated in the recording of guitars for several songs on the album. Sharing the same musical influences we quickly agreed.

Bastien Foucher

Bastien and I are members of the group Through The Dusk. He also participated in the first version of the Médian project. He participated in the recording of songs inherited from this phase.

Donovan Parmentelot

Donovan recorded a guitar track for Neptune and a vocal duo on Orion giving an Hardcore touch.

Mickaël Guillouche

Mickaël recorded most of the bass tracks on the album. He added his personal touch on certain songs like on Singularité for a very nice effect.

Maxime Boubert

Maxime recorded, mixed and mastered the whole album in his Melogram studio and made an incredible work.

Marina Manchin

Marina is the one who shares my daily life. She participated in the Nova clip since she is the one who holds the camera.

Joris Lavoisier

Joris is a talented graphic designer. He made the magnificent Médian logo in exchange for a few gifts on Steam.

Marion Raveau

Marion is a graphic designer but also an incredible artist. She created the watercolor for the Android emblem of the project.


The Médian project started in 2016. Without a musical project for several months, I needed to compose. The first track was Terre, originally called Matin d'hiver. Followed by a set of 10 pieces including Singularité, Nébuleuse and Orion. All songs were written for 1 guitar and contain lots of synths.

The project comes to life with Raphaël on drums, Bastien on guitar and me on bass and vocals. We were able to give some concerts accompanied by a sample for synths.

But this momentum did not last, indeed Raphaël and Bastien are on another project: Through The Dusk. I then tried to breathe new life into the project by inviting Mickaël and Lucas to join us. I rewrote all the songs for 2 guitars and eliminated the synths for practical concerns in live.

It is then my turn to join Through The Dusk with which we go on tour and record an album. This is why I stop the Médian project in its current format. But not completely of course, I rewrite a set of 8 songs keeping my favorites and adding 4 big songs: Lune, Soleil part. 1, Soleil part. 2 and Neptune. Writing these songs took a long time. I wrote them out of simple pleasure without any particular objective and gave them the name La Saga Astrale.

Then in a moment of motivation I decided to record these songs. I then call on many friends to help me. The recording and the creation of the album will have taken a lot of time but the result corresponds completely to the emotions instilled in this project for my greatest pleasure. I hadn't realized that the album would be so long, that's why I decided to make a double album. Indeed I think that listening with a break in the middle is more pleasant. At the last moment Maxime offers to add a piece, I take the opportunity to add Nova which will become emblematic of the saga

Nowadays the project continues and is coming live !